Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crossfit games 2010??

Here we are the week after the 2009 crossfit games and i am still amped up. For those of us that were fortunate enough to attend it was one of those experience that we will never forget. Most of us...maybe all of us, this was our first exposure to the giant that is the crossfit games. For 3 days we camped together and spectating the best athletes in the world. we cheered together, not only for our favorite competitor but also for our teammates. And we partied together.....ohhh cronk bat.....

Joining crossfit Ventura helped to change my opinion on fitness, nutrition and what, exactly, a healthy life style is. Attending the crossfit games, however, has opened my eyes to the possibility of what can be. Could i really be one of those fire breathing monsters that dead lifted 505 lbs AND ran a 7k in less than 30 min.....could I??? Could YOU??? We can, and we should. what a month we are getting ready to have. CFV is taking off!! we are moving, crossfit kids is on the horizon and we are getting more and more great people in every month, awesome. Great job Bill and Colin you guys are the best..

Alright kids so long for now..

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