Friday, May 15, 2009

Accountability...crossfit style

I have noticed that at CFV we are all held accountable for our performance. That is one of the amazing things about crossfit, no matter what your power output; whether it be time, reps or weight, is always there for all to see. Colin and Huff get an idea of where we are in our essentials class then they give us the resources to improve. However, they also know if we are not doing what we need to do outside of the gym and when they notice that our PRs are not getting better they help us fix it by holding us accountable for what we do in the gym and out. It is a tough subject for me because as much as i want to improve in the gym i also want ice cream and cookies!! mmm delish...right? Now i know what your saying, everything in moderation... well i didn't even learn the word moderation until i was 25!!!! Well thanks to all at out CFV community i think i am finally figuring it out. It is not easy right now but i hope to be competitive in next years games. Lofty goals but what else should a goal be?


  1. Hey Dave! Cool blog! I totally agree about the accountability. If I didn't know that my performance would show (read-suck) when I eat crap, I would be on the cookie train with you, everyday! See you at CFV!

  2. Hey Baby! Your eating habits have done a complete 180 since I met you! (Remember your mom's mac & cheese dinner with bread?) You care more about what you put into your body than you ever have and you are doing a great job at it! I am very proud of you for working so hard and being so dedicated!! You look amazing and I can tell you feel amazing!! Great job babe!! I love you!! xoxo